Economic Justice

The Leisure Agenda Details Policy for Overworked US Workers

The People’s Policy Project in collaboration with the Gravel Institute issued their first policy paper this week “The Leisure Agenda” which details the longer work hours and lost productivity American workers face from being overworked and paid less than peers in other countries. 

The Green Party Chose Mainstream Economics over MMT

The public have little appetite for economics. The Green Party as laudably representative of the public doesn’t either which has led to their reliance on a small group of economic advisers including Jon Bongeovanni Howard Switzer Sue Peters and Rita Jacobs. I will argue that these advisers have fundamentally misled the Green Party imposing artificial financial constraints on the Green Party’s ability to implement policies and injecting libertarian economic ideas via fear-mongering about the national debt. Accordingly these advisors recommend the wholesale rejection of alternative economic theories such as MMT (Modern Monetary Theory). In this article I will focus on Rita Jabobs’ written request to “look beyond MMT” – a title that sounds innocuous enough but which prefaces a plethora of lies and conspiracies about MMT that are an insult to the thousands of progressives who stand by it.

What is the difference between Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy – Part II

One issue that was not discussed in the previous article regarding fiscal policy relates to the timing of fiscal policy. Since Congress authorizes spending a criticism of fiscal policy has been that it may not be quickly responsive to economic problems. However this concern is ameliorated by the fact that we have implemented various policies that are designed to vary with economic conditions.

The Financial War Against Universal Healthcare

Health insurance is the business that fuels campaigns as well as news media through massive network ad buys seeping into nearly every level of our democratic process affecting how and why decisions are made on Capitol Hill the newsroom and even at the local party level. So how can advocates of Medicare for All hope to prevail?

What is the difference between Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy – Part I

What are monetary policy and fiscal policy and how do they differ? In this multi-part series we’ll define these two types of economic policy and explain their implementation and efficacy. With a little history to provide context and help you understand not just what these policies are but their impact on our lives this series gives a deeper understanding of MMT and economic policy in general!

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